How to Hang a Tapestry 5 Different ways

You just got your new tapestry! But you don't know how to hang it up. 

No worries, we are here to help!

In this post, we will be sharing 5 creative ways in which you can hang up your new tapestry. 

1. Use Nails or Pushpins

The easiest way to hang a tapestry? Use nails or pushpins. (No unsightly thumbtacks, please!) This method works well with larger weaves; otherwise it may result in holes in the piece. Hang by the corners for a casual drape or attach with a row of nails spread across the top of the piece for a straight look.

2. Secure With Velcro

If you’re living in a rental and trying to avoid holes in the walls, here’s how to hang a tapestry and still get your security deposit back: Use self-adhesive Velcro tape to attach the tapestry to the wall. This is also a great method if you have a curved wall or don’t want to put holes in the fabric.

3. Hang from a Rod

Use a rod to hang tapestries with pockets in the back. If your piece is rectangular or particularly large, you could also drape it over the rod to create a faux headboard or an eye-catching display over the sofa.

4. Frame It

Fragile fabrics and smaller tapestries may be best behind glass. A frame or shadowbox will protect the piece and give it a worthy display.

5. Create a Canopy

No need to limit yourself to the wall. Hang your textile from the ceiling or drape it from the ceiling onto the wall to create a dreamy bed or intimate sitting area.

Hope This Helped!

We hope this helped you get an idea of how you should hang up your new tapestry.

If you have any creative ideas as to how you hang up your tapestry, definitlely make sure to let us know in the comments below!