Our Story

Indi Hippie was created after a life changing retreat to Arizona and the passing of our beautiful mother, Gabby. Starting with Arizona... Many years ago, our father had won a free trip to Arizona and got an update that it would soon expire. So, he sent my brother, sister, and I to a week long trip to Arizona. And one way or another, destiny took us to a land near the north east corner of Arizona, holding these beautiful people, The Hopi Nation. 
To put it into words, they were angels on earth. Pure, simple, and above all, kind. They are a tribe that has survived centuries and make it their mission to take care of the earth, to live as peaceful and humble farmers respectful of the land and its resources. Using mother nature as their setting. 
After encountering them I was just beyond inspired. A people making it their mission to take care of the earth and who gave such an importance to their environment, their setting. 
And a few years before then, our mother passed away from breast cancer. To say the least, she was our light, our guide in this difficult life. Losing her was like losing that light you relied on to live. It was difficult but we made it through, as a family. 
Our mother made us who we are and taught us everything we know. And we always knew we wanted to create something for her. We just didn't know exactly what that was. 
But after our God given trip to Arizona it was crystal clear.
Our mother was fond of all things zen. Our house would be covered in tapestry, candles, diffusers, incense, energy crystals, basically everything and anything hippie themed. But, we remember our mother always having just one complaint about it all. The toxic ingredients and harm all these products created for the environment and ourselves.
And all of a sudden a light bulb hit me. Why don't we create a store selling all of the products my mother loved but also making it the way she would've wanted it to be, nontoxic and sustainable. And all of sudden I thought of the hopis, prioritizing mother nature and their environment above all else. 
And so, Indi Hippie was born. 
A brand with a mission to create products for the people out there who enjoy the zen lifestyle but also don't want to harm the earth and themselves with toxicity. And as well, people who prioritize their environment. Whether it be mother nature or their own room!
The perfect mix between the memory of our wonderful mother, Gabby and the unique people on earth, the hopis.
Indi Hippie.