HealerG Background 

After years of studying Ayurveda and working in an Ayurvedic hospital in India I decided to further my knowledge and embark on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I take the best of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and guide my patients on how to get back to a state of healing. Everyone has their own inner healing guide and I like to think that I tune into the needs of that guide so that you can guide your own heal.

Through Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine we work together to get you to a better physical state and through my years of working with Reiki and intuitive psychology we are able to heal the emotional/spiritual field that is just as important as any physical ailments. It all comes from the same root! Through counseling sessions we get to the root of the imbalance and work on guiding your heal.

Initial Counseling Session

  1.  We will go over your history and your chief complaints
  2.  We will establish your birth constitution (i.e your doshas and elements) and the areas of imbalance
  3.  Through the wisdom of food therapy provided by both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine we will come up with a plan to get you started on your journey into healing with food.  (Your birth constitution as well as your current imbalance will be taken into account to determine which foods are beneficial for you and which are not)
  4.  If herbs are necessary, I will recommend certain herbs that you could buy on your own.
  5.  We will talk and go through some techniques (meditation, tai chi, or mantras) to help deal with the emotional aspect of the imbalance.

Amount of time: 50 minutes

Charge: 60 Dollars

Once you have had your initial call with healerG and you get the feel for what you like. You will have the opportunity to take another session. Either a life coaching session or a food therapy session. Below are the details for each session. Again, these are only an option after the initial session. 

Life Guru/Coach Session

- I am not a psychologist. I take the Ayurvedic psychology and the Oriental Psychology and work with you to deal with stress, anxiety, decision making, and emotional traumas.

- Many have called these session “Life Sessions” and some refer to me as a life guru. These sessions work to help you organize your thoughts and emotions and work on how to channel them in a way that is not only beneficial, but conducive to healing.

- Long distance Reiki is also implemented with each session.

Food Therapy Session

- Through food therapy we create a month long plan of meals and snacks that will benefit your imbalance and get you back into a state of healing.

- The body knows what it needs to do to heal, but sometimes it needs a jumpstart. We will pick up from the initial consultation session and build a more developed diet plan that will have you not just feeling good, but actually healing!.

More details on the pricing and time length of these sessions will be given once you take the initial session.