Save The Trees


The first step to healing, growing, or understanding oneself is living enlightened with their setting. Mother Earth gifted humanity with a setting undefinable with words… Waterfalls, Mountains, Oceans, Rivers, and all the above is nature's gift to enlighten its majesties.

The truth is, without mother nature, we have nothing. Mother nature is our home and that makes it out job to care for it. 

In appreciation to Mother Nature, we will plant one tree for every sale made. And to ensure you that we are donating for every sale made, we will show you proof every 2 months that we committed to our promise. Together we can enjoy our setting while preserving nature's wonders. Thank You Hippies!


Planting trees is only the first step. There was a bunch of important details Indi Hippie wanted to have within the tree planting process such as being organic seeds & soil, being planted in a healthy environment aka minimal pollution, and of course planted with love because energy is everything. 

After extensive research we found that the national forest foundation checked off all our boxes. Great people and great energy. 

If you are interested in donating to have trees planted definitely check them out!

*Mother nature is our home and that makes it our responsibility to care for it.